Let's say 60 years of television is completed: -

 👉 Doordarshan was launched 60 years ago from Delhi on September 15, 1959. At present, its limit was only 40 km. If the history of television is talked about then it was broadcast for 20 minutes only two days a week with the help of UNESCO's broadcast service.

 Who first got involved in the field of education and then entertainment after information. Television was named in 1975. When color TV came in 1982, India's largest broadcast channel with 46 studios and 14 thousand transmitters of land were set up.

 On Doordarshan, the news of Mahabharata and Ramayana whose serials as well as the news of the ascension and disaster in India was coming to the people. For this, UNESCO had given 180 Philips TV sets and $ 20,000 to the television channel, which was formerly Television India, and then in 1975, the television was kept from Gujarati and Hindi.


 Relay Broadcasting Center was started at Poona in Mumbai in 1972 .In Srinagar was also started in 1973. In which NewsChannel Television was launched for 24 hours from 3 November 2003.
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