The record has fallen on the surface of the moon, but efforts are still under way to reach out to the hope of the countrymen, including Isro.

Lander record has been shredded but not broken or destroyed. At this time, according to former chief of ISRO, Madhavan Nair, 60 or 70 percent contact efforts are underway.

Although the obstacles were created in the Chandrayaan 2 of ISRO, it did not affect its future projects .With solar panels in sales, it did not worry about its energy and did not consume more battery. If the antenna is mounted on the ground or on the obiter, then the contact will be easier.

2-way communication can be established between the orbiter and the lander, but we have 1-way communication. Which can last for no more than 5 or 10 minutes.

If the Knowledge Rover and record lander are safe, it is important to contact them.
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