1) How many parts of Gujarat can be divided in terms of surface area?

= 4

2) How many miles long is the coast of Gujarat?

= 990 miles

3) Who is considered to be the remnant of the extinct East mouth of the Indus River?

= Corey Creek

4) Who is known as the tidal port?

= Tenderness

5) Which coastline is known for coral reefs and mangroves?

= From the Okha Mandal to the desert of Kutch

6) How much area does a desert make of Kutch?

= 27,200 sq km.

7) On which island is Dholavira located?

= Feeding

8) Which is the tallest mountain in the North?

= Black

9) The plains of central Gujarat are formed by which rivers?

= Sabarmati and Mahi

10) The "playground of Viramgam" is made up of which riverbank?

= Motif

11) What is the highest mountain in Kutch?

= Black

12) What is Gujarat's only air base?

= Saputara

13) Which is the highest peak in the hills of Rajpila?

= Manthasar

14) Where is the most acne found?

= From the hills of Rajpilla

15) Which is the highest peak in the hills of Paranera?


16) Which port is known as natural harbor?

= Tenderness

17) How many geological divisions are found in the world?

= 17

18) How many geological divisions are found in Gujarat?

= 8

19) Rajkot is on the banks of which river?

= Gondli

20) Sultanpur is situated on the banks of which river?

= Shrethruji

21) Jamnagar is on the banks of which river?

= Negligence

22) Which is the longest river in North Gujarat?

= Banas

23) Which district is located in the district with the highest level of wells in Gujarat?

= Surendranagar

24) Which district is the largest well in Gujarat?

= Junagadh

25) How much of Gujarat's total land is cultivable?

= 58.3%

26) Aja Dam is situated on which river?

= Viswamitri

27) How many meters can the height of Narmada currently allow by the Central Government?

= 138.68 m

28) What is the place of Gujarat in the production of millet?

= Third

29) How many districts were there at the time of establishment of Gujarat?

= 17

30) Which new district was created in Gujarat in 1964?

= Gandhinagar
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