1) Name the least expensive printer.

=> Dot matrix

2) Which country is the largest computer in the world?

=> America

3) Name the full DOS.

=> Disk Operating System

4) What is called permanent memory built into your computer?

=> Read only memory

5) What is the file sent by e-mail?

=> Attachment

6) What is the key used to refresh the computer?

=> F5

7) What is the point of sale on the Internet?

=> E-commerce

8) Name the founder of Microsoft.

=> Bill Gates

9) What is the Internet called?

=> Network O's network

10) Which function is used to find the square root of a number in MS EXCEL?

=> SQRT ()

11) What is the sign of the two email addresses separately?

=> @

12) Is the personal computer connected to the make?

=> Network

13) How many rows are there in MS Excel?

=> 65,536

14) Who is the founder of W.W.W.

=> Tom Linson

15) Is the computer's integrated circuit chip made of Sensei?

=> Silicone

16) What type of device is a mouse included in?

=> Pointing

17) What is the process of pressing the mouse button on the computer to move it?

=> Dragging

18) What is the physical part of a computer?

=> Hardware

19) Is the personal computer connected to the make?

=> Network

20) How many letters does a bar coding contain?

=> 10

21) Name MTBF.

=> Minimum Befor Failure

22) What is the main tool associated with the game?

=> Joystick

23) What is the storage capacity of 3.5 shaped floppy?

=> 1.44 MB

24) What is the unit of storage capacity?

=> Bytes

25) What number system does the computer use to store and compute data?

=> Binary

26) Which option is used to retrieve deleted information from a file immediately?

=> Undo

27) What is the document in Excel that is stored as a file?

=> Workbooks

28) What type of program is Outlook Express?

=> E-mail Client

29) What is the combination of a hybrid computer?

=> Analog + digital computer

30) What is CRAY associated with?

=> Super Computer
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