1) Which state government recently launched Jan Notification Forum 2019?

=> Rajasthan

2) Who has recently been appointed as the Chancellor of Haryana's first Sports World School?

=> Kapil Dev

3) When is Hindi Day currently celebrated?

=> September 14th

4) Recently, Tiger Shroff was appointed Brand Ambassador of which company?


5) How many lifetime health and welfare centers are currently set by the central government?

=> 12500

6) Who is currently appointed as the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Defense?

=> Joel Urav

7) How many crores of rupees is currently approved by the World Bank for food park in India?

=> 3000

8) Who was recently inducted into the Olympic Tops scheme?

=> Mary Com

Tops: Target Olympics Poddium Skim

9) Who has recently been appointed as acting Chief Judge in the Sikkim High Court?

=> Meenakshi Madan Rai

10) Currently deceased b. Who was Ann Yougather?

=> Prior PMO Secretary

Father of BN Younger Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

11) Which country will host the FIFA 2020 Under 17 Women's World Cup?

=> India

12) Who recently started the service week?

=> Amit Shah
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