1) How many new Radio Community Centers are currently announced by the Central Government?

=> 118

2) Which state government is currently launching the Chief Minister's Dalit funded scheme?

=> Uttarakhand

3) The Aga Khan project of which country currently fails to win the award?

=> Bangladesh

4) How many times has Pankaj Awani won the world title and made history?

=> 22 times

5) In which state does ESIC currently allow 100-bed hospital opening?

=> Srinagar

6) Which player is currently the highest scorer in a Test match?

=> Steve Smith

7) Which of the most recently organized presidential studies will be done between Avalanche India and which country?

=> China

8) How many gold medals have been won by Mehsana Na Tasseem Mir at the International Badminton in Dubai?

=> Two

9) September 16 is celebrated as a day?

=> World Ozone Day

10) Did Saurabh Verma become India's first badminton player to win?

=> Vietnam Open

11) Which place is going to be inaugurated the 5th International Ramayana Festival?

=> New Delhi

12) Who started the maritime communications service at present?

=> Ravi Shankar Prasad

13) What is the weight of ozone?

=> O૩
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