1) Which state currently celebrates Children's Week?

=> Uttar Pradesh

2) When is World Ozone Day currently celebrated?

=> On September 16th

Theme: 32 years and healing

3) Presently, in which country did President Ram Nath Kovind unveil the statue of Mahatma Gandhi?

=> Switzerland

4) Which country currently wins the World Cup in basketball?

=> Spain

5) What is currently planned for the Great Ganga Run 2019?

=> Delhi

6) Who has currently won the Belgium International Badminton title?

=> Target sen

7) Which festival took place on September 17 due to the Narmada Dam being filled with its entire surface (138.68)?

=> Namami Devi Narmade Festival

8) Which place is celebrated at the FIBA ​​Basketball World Cup?

=> In Beijing, China

9) How many teams participated in FIBA ​​basketball?

=> 32

10) Who won the singles title of Myanmar International Badminton Competition?

=> Counselor

11) What is the ranking of players in skill badminton?

=> 187

12) Which is currently the first women's marathon to be organized on the theme of drug awareness?

=> In Udhampur

13) What is currently celebrated at the Nehru Mahal Jal Utsav?

=> Tripura
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