1) Former state legislator Kodila Shiva Prakash Rao passed away at present?

=> Andhra Pradesh

2) Who is currently honored with the 11th International Hunt Dick Award?

=> Agnes Khushing

3) Currently the Prime Minister of which country is given the Dr. Kalam Smriti International Award?

=> Bangladesh (PM: Sheikh Hasina)

4) Who is at the top of the currently announced ATP rankings?

=> Novak Djokovic

5) Which place was inaugurated the National Center for Clean Coal Research and Development?

=> Bangalore

6) How many agreements were signed between India and Slovenia to enhance bilateral relations?

=> Seven contracts

7) Who recently won two awards at the Boston Film Festival?

=> Nina Gupta

8) Which three-part study recently started SITMAX?

=> Port Blair (India, Thailand, Singapore)

9) Who is currently appointed as CMD of Cognizet Technology Solution?

=> Ramkumar Rammurthy

10) Which city will host the IIFA Awards Ceremony right now in 20?

=> Mumbai

11) Which is currently India's first anti-disease hub?

=> Kolkata
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