1) Which state farmers' film is currently selected for an Oscar Award?

=> In Uttarakhand

Movie: Motibagh

2) At present the Indian Air Force successfully tested the missile?

=> Orissa

3) Which country is currently contracted by the state government of Kerala for cancer care?

=> Maldives

4) Who has qualified for the World Championship 2020 Olympics?

=> Vinesh Foggt

5) In which place is the International Ramayana Mahots organized in A5?

=> New Delhi

6) How many country artists have participated in the International Ramayana Festival?

=> 17

7) Who has been established to promote Indian culture?

=> Indian Culture Relations

8) Who became India's first female military diplomat?

=> Anjali Sindh

9) Anjali Sindh, who is 41 years old, belongs to which state?

=> Bihar

10) On which aircraft has Anjali Sindh been trained?

=> MiG-29 fighter aircraft

11) How is e-cigarette known in India?

=> Whoops

12) How many brands of e-cigarette flavors are there?

=> 150 Flavors, 400 Brands

13) On the 150th birth anniversary of Gandhiji, Sena is organized from his karma bhoomi to Janmabhoomi?

=> Bicycle Travel

14) September 19 is the birthday of which astronaut woman?

=> Sunita Williams
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