1) Which state police currently launches an instant app for citizens?

=> Delhi

2) September 20 is known as the 'Feast Day'?

=> Ramanlal Desai

3) Who was Ramanlal Desai?

=> Gujarati novelist, storyteller, playwright, poet

4) How many novels have Raman Lal Desai written?

=> 27

5) What caused Ramanlal Desai to die?

=> Due to heart disease

6) Government of Gujarat allowed 100% to get any energy?

=> Solar energy

7) At which position is Saurabh Patel present?

=> Energy Minister

8) At what place is the sports academy announced at present?

=> Ladakh

9) Which bank chairman currently talks about resigning?

=> ADB (Asian Development Bank)

10) When was the World Bamboo Day celebrated today?

=> 18 September

11) Which place is currently inaugurated by the Indian Air Force?

=> Arunachal Pradesh

12) Who is currently appointed as the USA's National Security Advisor?

=> Robert O'Brien

13) Rajnath Singh flew in which war plane?

=> In Tejas

14) Rajnath Singh is in which position?

=> Defense Minister

15) Where was the Tejas flight taken?

=> Bangalore

16) Who is currently announcing the development of a National Water Museum?

=> Gajendra Singh Shekhawat
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