1) If you want some glass placed at a certain distance from the object, what is it called a glass that looks large?

= Bilory glass

2) Which plant gets stuck in its leaves?


3) Which soil becomes slippery and sticky when it rains?

= Earthenware

4) Why are organic matter lighter than weight?

= Water

5) The soil in which the sand is high is called soil?

= Sandy soil

6) What glass does the watch use to repair the smallest part of the clock?

= Bilori glass no

7) What is a Pumpkin Land?

= Fertile

8) What is an earthquake measuring machine?

= Seismograph

9) What is called an earthquake point?

= AP Center

10) Why is an earthquake caused?

= Due to the geostationary process occurring in the underground

11) What is an earthquake measuring unit?

= Richter scale

12) How many are earthquakes?

= 3

13) What is the corrected unit of earthquake?

= Merkley scale

14) What causes Tsunami?

= By seismicity at sea

15) What is the name of the instrument for measuring atmospheric pressure?

= Barometer

16) What is the name of the instrument for measuring the purity of milk?

= Lactometer

17) What is the name of the sadh for measuring the heat of the sun?

= Pyrometer

18) What is the name of the instrument for measuring current flow?

= Emitter

19) What is the precise time measurement device used in a ship?

= Conometers

20) What are the characteristics of trees though they are called organisms?

= Prevalence

21) How many tons of pure water is needed to make one ton of paper?

= 300 tons

22) What is the power to release ground water?

= Transmission power

23) How many teachers of Gujarat have been given the best teacher award?

= 30

24) Which mountains are situated between Narmada and Tapi?

= Satpuda

25) Which is the largest and longest river in Saurashtra?

= Bhadar

26) When did Vasco de Gama come to India?

= 22 May 1498 in

27) Against whom did the Dutch fail to compete?

= British

28) Columbus was a native of which country?

= Italy

29) Which is the determining tool?

= Compass

30) What is the name of the instrument used to view a remote object?

= Binocular
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