👉 According to the report of International Credit Rating Agency Crisil, the annual growth rate of Gujarat state has increased by 9.9% to 11.1% between 2015 and 17, which is the best across the country.

9 PM Modi offers 300 crore bags to poor children in Vrindavan in Uttar Pradesh.

Reduce GST speed from 12% to 5% on electric vehicles; Decreased August 1.

3 PV Sindhu: "Tejas" becomes the first female co-pilot of a fighter jet.

 Tropax-19 war study was conducted at Andaman and Nicobar Island.

👉 CBSC's "Shiksha Vani" app will reveal various activities of the board.

First Ab Vajpayee Lifetime Achievement Award to Tribal Musician Thanga Darlong of Tripura.

👉 India launches the world's first biometric sequencer identity document, which captures the biometric identity of sailors.

👉 World Health Organization (WHO) declares Arya's disease eradicated from Sri Lanka

 Palau 76th Nation Signing the International Solar Alliance (ISA) Framework Agreement (AC).

The Central Government has set a target of providing clean drinking water to all by 2024.

 Uttaradha Festival of Classical Dance Music was held in the courtyard of Modhera Temple.

The Karnataka government has categorized nicotine as "A Class Poisoning" for the purpose of streamlining the implementation of the ban on the production and sale of electronic cigarettes.

 Google wins a case on "Right to be Forgotten" in European Union top court

 Rajasthan's Payal Jahangir becomes the first Indian to receive the Changemaker Award 2019.

👉 Vaishnavadvi Temple was given the status of "Best Clean Distinguished Place" in the country.
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