💠 Police Remembrance Day: 21 October

      In 1959, Chinese troops attacked CRPF in Tibet. About 10 people were martyred. Police Remembrance Day is celebrated in memory of Jim.

Rajneesh Kumar appointed as Chairman of Indian Bank Association.

 The Legislative Council of Jammu and Kashmir has been abolished as it is now considered a union territory.

 Union Tribal Affairs Minister Arjun Munda launches second phase of GOAL.

 Indian cricketer Rohit Sharma breaks Don Bradman's 71-year-old record against South Africa by two centuries.

💠 7th Military World Game is being held in China.

India's livestock population increased by 4.6% in the present period.

💠 Currently DANX-19 study was conducted in Andaman and Nicobar.

Currently the bio methane plant was inaugurated in Coimbatore.

💠 Currently NASA unveils new shoot for moon mission.

💠 Currently India will host Interpol General Assembly.

💠 Currently India wins 21 medals in Asian Junior Championships.

💠 Currently, the sixth edition of Sea Power Seminar has been concluded in Delhi.
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