Davis Cup matches between India and Pakistan will be held at a neutral venue.

 World Champion P Vs. Indus China open in the first round of the Badminton Championship.

Mana Bhakar received a gold medal in the 10m pistol shooting at the 14th Asian Championship in Qatar by the Indian team.

 Gujarati player Mahesh Prajapati was the winner in the recent International Ironman Triathlon held in Malaysia.

✍️ Famous poet petitioner Faramji Jhandar was born on 6/11/1881

 Named Kanpur as Guinness Book of World Records-2020 in Most Polluted Cities in the World

Safdarjung Hospital, Delhi, India's first government hospital to facilitate robotic surgery.

✍️ Named the "Great" Hurricane to Oman.

✍️ Literature JCB Award 2019 Madhuri Vijay receives.

Ajay Kumar Mittal, Chief Justice of Madhya Pradesh High Court.
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