Unlock 2.0  Guidelines and Rules check now

India will be entering Unlock 2.0 from July 1, which guidelines were issued by the union home ministry on Monday night. 

The new guidelines will come into effect from July 1.

💠 Which activity is not permitted: 

➡️ Schools, colleges, educational and coaching institutions will remain closed till 31st July.

➡️ Any social, political, academic, cultural or religious function or any other form of large congregations will not be allowed in Unlock 2.0

➡️ International air travel, except as permitted by MHA
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➡️ Metro rail

➡️ Bars, auditoriums, assembly halls

➡️ Cinema halls, gyms, swimming pools, theatres

➡️ Movement of individuals between 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m.

💠 Activities allowed :

➡️ Operations of domestic flights and passenger trains to expand

➡️ Inter state and intra State movement of persons and goods

➡️ Movement of persons and goods on national and state highways

➡️ Travel of persons to their destinations after disembarking from buses, trains and airplanes

➡️ Training institution of the central and state governments from 15th July 2020

💠 Movement of persons with SOPs :
[ads id="ads1"] ➡️ Evacuation of foreign nationals

➡️ Domestic passenger air travel

➡️ Passenger trains and shramik special trains

➡️ Indian nationals stranded outside the country

💠 Lockdown in containment zones :

➡️ Lockdown shall continue to remain in force till 31st July 2020

➡️ State / UT governments to carefully demarcate contentment Jones

➡️ Strict perimeter control shall be maintained

➡️ There shall be intensive contact tracing, house to house surveillance
[ads id="ads1"] ➡️ No movement except for medical emergencies and supply of essential goods

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